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Doing Business in Ukraine

There is no way to sugar coat it — Ukraine is widely recognized as a corrupt environment in which to invest and do business. Transparency International ranked Ukraine 126 out of 180 countries in 2019, where 180 represents the most corrupt country. International business associations, foreign governments, and major financial institutions working in and providing financial assistance to Ukraine consistently point to corruption as remaining the key issue preventing Ukraine from taking full advantage of its many resources and talents. This has impeded Ukraine and investors in Ukraine from participating and integrating more meaningfully into the global marketplace.

However, business goes on, and commerce and industry continue to grow. Doing business in Ukraine can be extremely rewarding, but it requires familiarity with the local business environment. Success means being able to manage risk and navigate towards a successful outcome, sidestepping what might normally impede progress by employing fully transparent and legally accepted methods. EMPlan offers trusted and proven guidance and experience to negotiate and maneuver towards a successful outcome.

Multinational and global companies and sectors are well represented in Ukraine today. Even with a reputation for systemic corruption, business happens. With the European Union on its western border, Ukraine is ideally positioned for growth and prosperity. For a good representative cross-section of companies doing business in Ukraine, visit the websites for the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the European Business Association in Ukraine.